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If you are an aspiring drummer or an artist who is looking to expand their repertoire, you should consider taking my drum lessons in Wayne, NJ. Whether if you are a true beginner, a child or an adult, feel free to come by my studio and set up your own personal lessons to improve your drumming capabilities. 

You will learn the basics of reading sets of music, learning your way around the drum set and eventually develop a natural feel for rhythm and beats and being able to adjust when playing. 
My drum classes are structured to make sure you are receiving the direct attention and instruction needed. My lessons are given in one-on-one, private sessions so that all of my attention is focused on helping you improve. I also do personalized lessons that I design for each person, specifically, so we can work on areas that I see you need more attention than others. 
As a drum teacher, I want to see that my lessons do a couple of things for you. Throughout my lessons, I want you to be able to develop your inner clock that every drummer needs to acquire as they advance their skills. I will help you play like a professional after going through my sessions. You will also acquire the necessary knowledge and skills it takes to effortlessly connect with different types of music when playing. 
My lessons are affordable and you are sure to get your money’s worth with each session. I want everyone to be able to receive professional direction without having to break their pockets. 
As artists, we transform lives through music, and I want you to gain that ability through what you can do on the drums. 

Through your hard word, dedication and trust in me as a teacher, you will become the drummer you desire to be.

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