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When it comes to learning to play the guitar and enhancing your skills as an artist, I encourage you to consider taking my guitar lessons in Wayne, NJ. 

We will go through all of the basics for to improve your guitar playing skills such as learning chords, notes, feeling the music, etc. I will help you get in touch with the deeper aspects of guitar playing, as well.
And sure I am teaching you to become a better guitar player, but more importantly, my goal is to help you become a better artist. I do not want you to leave my studio with only having gained the ability to play different chords. I want you to gain a better feel and better ear for music and the ability to develop into a complete musical artist. 
I welcome all skill levels and all age groups. I am experienced in this aspect and being able to accommodate for different types of people. Whether you are just starting out or looking to gain new knowledge, I will be able to help you see the results you are looking for. 
And being able to learn in an one-on-one setting will benefit you as well and is more stress-free than being in a crowded class with the pressure of keeping up with others. With me as your guitar instructor, we will work at a slow enough pace to make sure you are picking up on everything necessary. 
This is truly a rewarding experience and I guarantee you will see the results as you progress through my lessons.
Also, if this is your first time purchasing a session for my guitar classes, your first lesson is free!

If you are an artist considering my lessons, I look forward to sharing my experience with you and helping you improve.

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